I am on a mission...

To help women create healthy and confident relationships with money. There's a huge taboo that says we mustn't talk about money and far too much judgement about the right way to do things. This leaves many of us cut off from one of the most important  ways we get help and support  - talking to each other.  So we go on secretly thinking that there is something badly wrong with us when our relationship with money feels messy and difficult. Here's the secret - IT'S NOT YOU! 

8 Keys to a happier and healthier way with money

This is for you if you want to kick off and start discovering more about your relationship with money. Try the Money Quiz and watch the Video while your are there! 

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Money and Spirituality ..... oil and water?

The reality is that, for some people, money can seem to be a long way from spirituality. If you are a spirit-centred person you may feel it’s wrong to share your gifts for money – and yet money is a core part of our lives. For most of us, it’s the means by which we meet our basic survival needs for food, warmth and shelter.


One loving act ..... and it's not romance and roses!

Call me a cynic but the roses and romance of Valentine’s Day doesn’t substitute for working on your relationship for the rest of the year. Especially where money is concerned. Money is one of the top subjects couples argue and disagree about.  

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