Are you crap with money?

Are you crap with money?

I’m assuming you’re here because you answered ‘Yes’ or you’re curious because you know someone who is.

Let me tell you this. You are not alone. I don’t mean you are not alone being crap with money. I mean you’re not are-you-crap-with-moneyalone thinking you are crap with money. It’s the thought that causes the problem. As long as you keep thinking the thought then nothing will change.  It sounds so certain, so rigid and so definite. You’ll keep doing the things that make you believe you are crap. You’ll keep feeling that you are crap. You won’t actually stop and examine the thought or think it’s possible to make changes. In other words you’ll remain powerless.

Our thinking can often be faulty. A client of mine was so ashamed of how she was with money, she took no account of the places that didn’t fit with her self-assessment of how crap she was. She didn’t acknowledge that as a single parent she had provided, food, warmth and shelter for her children for 16 years.  Yes maybe she could have had more savings but she’s not alone in that and she was far from crap.

It’s time to check out whether your self-assessment is totally accurate.

Ask yourself these questions. (Substitute another phrase about yourself and money if it’s more appropriate)


  1. Is it absolutely true that ‘I’m crap with money’?’
  2. How would it be if I couldn’t even think the thought ‘I’m crap with money?’
  3. What would a more helpful/honest thing for me to say about money?


I’d love to have a conversation, let me know your answer to the third question below.   


2 Responses to Are you crap with money?

  1. You are right Helen. It is our thoughts and the things we say that create the results. If I say I’m crap with money I will be. So right now I’m saying “I’m awesome with money”

  2. Simply stated, money is evil! Well, at least that’s how I think about money. Learning to manage money and to think differently about money is a first really big step. Thank you for touching on this subject!

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