Finally the truth about money and it’s not bad

Finally the truth about money and it’s not bad

Over the years I have seen and spoken to many people who have an aversion to money. Often they have had experiences that have led them to believe that money is bad, evil, can cause harm. The experiences are very real but the conclusions drawn are not completely accurate. The beliefs become self- limiting and lead to a reluctance to engage with money.

Money is just a piece of paper.  It’s only when it is moved around and passed from person to person that it takes on another life. It is purely dependent on us to give it life and boy do we do that as we create our own narrative about money. If you have a similar belief about money the job to be done is to look for evidence to challenge the view.

10 pounds1. Look for examples where money is being put to good use. Here’s one I saw a couple of hours ago, a report that George Michael undertook acts of kindness and give generously and secretly to others in need

2. Write a thank you letter money. It may seem a strange idea but money passes through our life in all sorts of ways and facilitates so much of what we do. Admittedly different people have different amounts of money and lack of money brings many stresses but look at the places it’s helped. My friend was travelling in Italy with her young son and her money was getting very, very low, just at the right time she found a 10,000 lira note which rescued her.

3. Create a mantra something you can say to yourself regularly to remind yourself that money itself holds no power over you.


How about sharing an examples of money being put to good use below, see how long a list we get

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