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Closure: LacesHeel Height: 5 centimetres

If you do not feel like going to the gym and do not want to change your daily life to exercise, the fitness Step are the solution. Toe and heel with balancing technology and perfect balance. Non-slip sole with air chamber. Start anti-injury padding. Highly hygienic and hyperventilated interior. Casual and modern design in blue, white and gray. Benefits: Losing weight: Using Step Fitness regularly manages to lose weight. Gives greater firmness to the glutes. It achieves a dynamic tension in the area of the calves, thighs and legs. Corrects posture and increases stature. Improves circulation. Prevents varicose veins. Fight cellulite. It tones the body and shapes the figure just by walking. Triple the results of a walk.

Fitness Step Casual Training Men 43 XEOCGXGNN

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