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Men's Clothing BawBags Leopard Y Fronts Yellow IKQWNPRTS

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BawBagsLeopard Y Fronts in Orange at the Y-front to your pant drawer with the BawBags Leopards95% Cotton, 5% ElastaneFeaturing the BawBags Ergofit Baw support systemFront side chopper access pocket95% cotton and 5% elastine for extra flex

For many men the Y-front has long been the preserve of pensioners and primary school kids. A form of underwear that once you have reached an age where you are not reliant on your mum to purchase your pants, is cast aside along with your cords and gran knitted sweater. But there was once a time when a man could sport a pair of y-fronts and have women swooning in desire rather than collapsing in floods of laughter and BawBags intend to make that time a reality once again with the BawBags Leopard Y front from That's right fellas, it's time to embrace your inner 70s lothario by standing up proud and pulling on a pair of BawBags Leopard boxers. Just by knowing you have a pair of BawBags leopard print y-fronts beneath your jeans, makes you walk with a spring in your step and a glint in your eye. Like all BawBags, the Leopard Y-fronts employ the Ergofit system which has been designed by BawBag's Baw Boffins to provide the ultimate support for your plums. In addition to this, BawBags are built using 95% cotton and 5% elastine to give your undies ultimate flexibility and have a built-in frontside access pocket so you can tend to your little fella at the drop of a hat. Now we understand that many of you chaps may be reluctant to give up your boxers and embrace the y-front as a sensible alternative. So to encourage you to reintroduce the y-front into your pant drawer AltSkate are selling them at a price so low that frankly you should considering getting a pair for each day of the week and then a couple of spares in case of emergencies. So say it loud and say it proud "I'M WEARING Y-FRONTS AS EVERYDAY PANTS AND NOT AS A JOKE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT"

BawBags Leopard Y Fronts Yellow IKQWNPRTS

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